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Newspaper articles 1995-1997

From 1995-1997 I wrote a weekly religion column for the Dawson Sentinel of Dawson, Minnesota. It was pretty well received and certainly worth the effort. I wasn't tied to any particular subject or themes, so they covered a wide range of subjects. Some common themes were favorite hymns (which would be familiar to a majority of readers), short devotions on a Bible reading for the previous Sunday (which a majority of area churchgoers would have heard in church), and an occasional series (such as the Ten Commandments).

I'll convert these (from WordPerfect 6 format) as I have time and post them here, sometimes with comments on background or hindsight, but mostly simply as they were published. You can find the links in the right column. The titles weren't printed with the articles; I'm making them up as I go along.

July 19, 1995: Heavenly Priorities

July 26, 1995: Shepherd's Wacko

August 2, 1995: Dummy Step

August 9, 1995: Jesus or Dishes?

August 16, 1995: Faith healing?

August 23, 1995: Church membership fees

August 30, 1995: Promises

September 6, 1995: Where is God?

September 13, 1995: The door is narrow

September 20, 1995: I'm number one!

September 27, 1995: Costly Christianity

The Ten Commandments

October 4, 1995: The First Commandment

October 11, 1995: The Second Commandment

October 18, 1995: The Third Commandment

October 25, 1995: The Fourth Commandment

November 1, 1995: Reformation Day

November 8, 1995: The Fifth Commandment

November 15, 1995: The Sixth Commandment

November 22, 1995: The Seventh Commandment

November 29, 1995: The Eighth Commandment

December 6, 1995: The Ninth and Tenth Commandments

December 13, 1995: John The Entomophagist

December 20, 1995: Birth Announcement

December 27, 1995: Short Time