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Quod scripsi -- stuff I've written

Here you can find various sorts of things I've written over the years. I'll be adding content fairly frequently.

Qbe Root

In the past I've written an occasional column for The Haus called Qbe Root. You can find the latest edition here. Unfortunately, the latest edition is pretty old. Coming soon: The Best Computer Book You've Never Read

I've also written a series of articles for The Haus about my experiences with the VMS operating system on my own VAX. You can find the first one here, and the whole series listed here.

Career change

In mid-1998 I made a pretty drastic career change. You can read about it here.

Theological writings

What about the "Bible Code?"

Christ's Descent into Hell: Its Nature and Purpose

The Hexaemeron and the Day-Age Theory

Paul's Use of the Term "Israel" In View of Millennialistic Thought

Other writings are coming soon!